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Written by Fe F. Maestre   
Thursday, 12 May 2011


Bulawan Festival

         Comvaleños are indeed blessed. Every tourist site scattered in the 11 municipalities of Compostela Valley attunes you to the sight and sound of nature. Its countryside evokes one with a feeling of rustic simplicity yet a trilling adventure is never too far away.

         From various natural and manmade tourist attractions varying from inland and pristine beach resorts to a number of magnificent waterfalls, fascinating caves, flowing lakes, vast mountain ranges to therapeutic hot and cold springs. The province’s eco-tourism destinations are geared towards responsibly promoting the different bounties of nature without destroying the environment.

         Perhaps, too, one endearing factor that made Compostela Valley an attraction is its people. Comvaleños are a fun-loving yet responsible people, making the most of the opportunities that abound in their blessed province.

          With the separation from its mother province of Davao del Norte, Comval has since celebrated its founding anniversary with a week- long festival  beginning March 1 and culminating on the 8th, the official birth of the province.

          And to mark its decade old existence, the province launched   its first Bulawan festival celebration. Bulawan, a local parlance for gold, is reflective of Comval’s gold and other mineral wealth to promote Gov. Artutro Uy’s vision of transforming the province into a jewelry- making center.

         As a province-wide event, the festival involved various events and friendly competitions participated by in all local government units, government and non-government organizations, women and the youth, and all other sectors of the community.

         More importantly, the festival is more attuned to the image of Compostela Valley reflecting the province’s rich cultural heritage, its wealth of natural resources, and its people.


The Solidarity Ring

Solidarity is a term that is synonymous to camaraderie, cohesion and unity. It signifies team spirit and oneness in vision and objective.

This Solidarity Ring, created and displayed during the first Bulawan festival, coincides with the first decade of the creation of Compostela Valley Province in 1998. Touted to be the biggest ring in the country, it is one of the highlights during the weeklong festivities.

Hence, this two-toned1.5 kg-18 gold ring is the result of the awesome response from the different donors who unselfishly contributed to its realization. It originally symbolizes the great accomplishment of attaining peace and reconciliation of political leaders led by Gov. Arturo T. Uy.

Now, it far transcends its meaning.  The Ring stands as a symbol of peace and a masterpiece of the people’s unity. It is a workmanship of a cohesive leadership that aims to sincerely serve the people of Compostela Valley. (idscomval)